About us

Besides was established in 2011 in Brzeszcze, Poland. In just 3 years it became one of the most popular bands on the Polish post-rock scene. The quartet playing a niche genre of music has conquered millions of people’s hearts during the Polish TV talent show – Must Be The Music, winning the main prize in the 8th edition of the program.

The band has played over 200 concerts in Poland and abroad (including France, Spain, Benelux, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States). So far Besides has released two albums ‘We were so wrong’ and ‘Everything is’, both well received by fans and critics. In 2020 Besides returns with a new album entitled “Bystanders”. It is a concept album, containing eight instrumental pieces inspired by the stories of Auschwitz prisoners and local inhabitants, who lived in the camp’s shadow during the World War II.

Band’s composition:
Piotr Świąder – Kruszyński: guitar
Janusz Binkowski: guitar
Paweł Kazimierczak: guitar
Artur Łebecki: bass
Bartłomiej Urbańczyk: drums